It's been awhile since I've posted here and that was just wrong of me!  Like a good athelete, I've been honing some of my fundamentals, trying to focus on my inking skills. It is, by far, the weakest part of my game but I think I'm improving.  You guys be the judge!

It's been awhile since I've posted on my blog, I figure I should break that streak with some comic book style art.  

I was always aware of Gen 13 but I never picked up one an actual comic until I came across a miniseries written and drawn by Adam Hughes called "Ordinary Heroes".  Now Hughes is a HUGE art hero I've mine so I snatched up the series immediately.  The series was really cool and I liked the concept of a mousy bookworm girl being transformed into bombshell badass.  Very much like Peter Parker but told through a female perspective I had not seen before. 

Since I was introduced to the character through Adam Hughes I figured I should try to emulate his work for this pic.  The man is a master of his craft so I can only fall short of him,. That being said, I'm pretty proud of the inks. Probably the best that I've done in a western comic book style.  The coloring needs a lot of work though!

Baaaaaane. I really want to like Bane as a villain.  He's got a cool back story of being sentenced to prison before he was even born.  And then making himself a master strategist while surviving and dominating the prison food chain. It's like comic book Oz.  But then he got hooked on Venom.  Which means every battle with him ends the same way....cut the tubes feeding him Venom and then he goes into super-withdrawl fetal position. Lame.

Go kick his ass Batgirl.

Been sketching and doodling some DC fan art in between projects.  I like using fan art to test out new techniques.  For example you'll see a few pics here I did with watercolor.  I also got my hands on a Photoshop brush plugin that gives realistic pencil strokes so I've been playing around with that too.   Hope you guys like 'em!

I just bought the first season of The Legend of Korra on bluray recently and did a marathon viewing.  That show just fires on all pistons. Everything from the characters, animation, writing, and visuals are completely on point.  The one thing I had a problem with was the dissappointing last episode.  But I have a whole new season to look forward and I gotta say, I'm excited!  To hold me over until then, here's some Korra fanart.  I did it in black & white so I can play around with screen tones to give it that manga look. Definitely need some more practice with that.

Did some fan art of Kara in between some projects.  Hope you guys like it!

I was in a fanart mood and I realized that I do not draw Batwomen nearly often enough.  I decided to remedy that!

From time to time I like doing digital paintings that have that raw brush look to them. 

I've been testing out some new techniques in Photoshop.  I'm getting a better control of the levels and colors with this new process.  Let me know what you guys think!

Remember that review of different drawing programs I did a while back?  Of course you... I just hotlinked it!

I thought I'd follow that up with a video of me sketching in Sketchbook Pro just to give people an idea of some of the issues I had with it.

Right off the bat I apologize for 2 things.  The vvideo I rendered for whaetever reason makes the menus jump up and down for a pixel.  I have no idea why.

The second thing is that this is the first attampt of adding audio commentary to my videos.  Which means you have to hear my voice.  Which is never a good thing.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

We've officially recorded 25 episodes of The Big Bad Podcast!  Yay!!!!

I'm honestly surprised we made it this far.  I was sure we would all give up on it 5 or 6 episodes in after the new car smell had worn off on putting out our own podcast.  Alas, here we are...and still going strong by the looks of it.  I have to say a big thanks to Rob Tari and Erica Tucc for being incredible co-hosts!  And not to mention David Carelli and Mary Rivera for pinch hitting when we were short on co-hosts!

Here's to 25 more!

You can check out the podcast on our BLOG or on ITUNES
My last photo shoot was with the gorgeous Ali Fiend, a talented blonde bombshell with a smile that can brighten up any room.  Unfortunately due to my crippling lack of talent as a photographer the images I captured seemed a bit...well boring.  It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I still have a problem communicating with the model in giving specific directions.  As a result the shots come across a little generic.

I think another reason is that there's very little context to an image when you shoot agianst a completely white or black backdrop.  I know this is done to keep the focus on the model but I find the lack of a background makes the image a bit stale.

Good thing I have a copy of Photoshop.  I decided to digitally manipulate some of my shots to add some pizazz and just do something different from what I've been posting.

Hope you boys and girls like it!

So the Big Blue Boyscout turned 75 this week, which is weird 'cause he does not look a day over 30. That Kryptonian blood must have some serious juice. Here's something to think about: This week is also the birthday of the whole Superhero genre. Without Superman there's no Batman, X-men, Spiderman, or Deadpool... Hell the whole genre is kinda named after him if you think about it!

Fun Fact: the only other character to appear in Action Comics #1 is Lois Lane! Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Jor-El, and the Kents (as we know them) showed up in later books.

I just came back from my shoot with Dora Ray.  Here's some of my first few shots with very little editing.  I'll be posting more throughout the week with some more complete editing.

Continuing my educationg in glamour/pinup photography I attended a workshop hosted by Reprint Studios hoping to get some much needed experience in shooting with a model model.  Keli was the lovely model for the shoot and was great and making me feel at ease.  The workshop organizers Mel and Phil provided some much appreciated assitants and what could have been a diasterous shoot turned out to be pretty darn good.  But enough with the words, go look at the pretty pictures!

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